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Voltage Stabilizer for refrigerator
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Voltage Stabilizer for refrigerator

Usually, the most important consumer electronics like refregerators are most sensitive to power surges. In this case we consider a range of voltage stabilizer for refrigerator; modern models are very demanding as too low, and to increase too sharp.

Servo-motor Series  Electronic/Relay Series

Take the model refrigerator neopower-xxx for example,
Energy class of this model is designated as "A", defined in specific terms, regulated by the standard and can be used to compare equal in volume of the refrigerator, and in the real world energy consumption will be higher. Installed capacity of the refrigerator CBNes- 3857 - 220Vt and as we know, if you select the power voltage stabilizer for the devices, which contain the motors need to take into account their starting currents, and provide additional power reserve, more than three times the engine power. However, the compressor power is not 100 % capacity of the refrigerator, and a little less.
Nominal power compressor - 189 Tues
Power bulbs - 25 watts
Heater - 132 Tues
Misc - Other consumers (fans, electronics , etc.)

You also need to sweep aside that the heater and the compressor never work simultaneously, ie operates a compressor or heater.

Thus, taking into account the starting current power refrigerator compressor can reach up to 500-600 watts. Therefore, when input voltage from 170 volts recommended acquisition of the voltage stabilizer 1 KVA (700 watts at a voltage 190 - 200V). If  the voltage is lower, is better to take a more powerful voltage stabilizer, because when I wear the input voltage decreases the real power stabilizer, ie the model with a figure 1500 (Eg, energy -1500 ) in the title .

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