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Free sourcing service offered by NeoPower
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Free sourcing service offered by NeoPower
NeoPower not only offer power supply products of
voltage stabilizer, switching power supply, UPS, Inverters and transformers, but also offer FREE sourcing service for the customer friends from all over the world.

NeoPower has offices in Wenzhou city, which is capital of electric products. So we have conditions to facilitate of sourcing electrical products locally. With years of developing, we have established large relation ship with electrical factories from low voltage electric components like indicator lamp, circuit breaker, ac contactor to high voltage power transformer, distribution switchgear.

Here are the product list which we could help to source:

High Voltage Power Transmission & Distribution Products:
Distribution Transformer
Dry type Transformer
Mining movable Transformer Substation
High Voltage Switch
High Voltage Surge Arrestor/Insulator
Vacuum Circuit Breaker
MV & LV Switchgear/Cabinet

Low Voltage Electrical Components:
Moulded Case Circuit Breaker/MCCB
Miniature Circuit Breaker/MCB
Residual Current Device/RCD/RCCB
Air Circuit Breaker/ACB
Magnetic Starter
AC Magnetic Contactor
Thermal Overload Relay

Measuring & Monitoring Instruments:
Digital/Analog Panel Meter
Multifunction Power Meter
Temperature Controller
Compensation Controller
Current Transformer
Watt Hour Meters

Explosion Proof Products:
Explosion proof Lighting
Explosion proof electromagnetic Starter
Explosion proof Limiting switch
Explosion proof junction box

Electrical Accessaries:
Rotary Switch/Changeover Switch
Limiting Switch
Micro Switch
Pushbutton Switch
Control Station Box
Terminal Connector
Pre-insulation Terminal
Industrial Plug & Sockets
Cable Connectors
Cable Lugs
Distribution Box
Nylon Cable Tie
Cable Gland
Wall Switch

If any of you need our support of sourcing these products, please just feel free to contact us, we are willing to help you out. Please send your sourcing items to

Best Regards
NeoPack INT'L-NeoPower Team.

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